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The smarter way to pay for healthcare services


  • Legacy process- Continuous reliance on paper checks and manual processes
  • Analytics- Lack of insights and payment trends
  • Slow processing- Time-consuming payment settlement cycle
  • Payment experience- Mechanical and time-consuming process for healthcare providers and patients

Our Solutions

  • Ease of billing- End-to-end digital payment experience. Raise digital invoices, and receive payments online.
  • Powerful insights- Real-time payments tracking and visibility on overall receivables.
  • Customization- Open APIs to cater to your custom payment needs and support integration with all the HMS (Hospital management solution).



Digital payment methods can be more convenient for healthcare providers and patients.

Increased efficiency

Streamline the billing and payments process to reduce manual efforts and documentation. This leads to faster payment turnaround time and minimal errors.

Improved data security

Tokenization, encryption, and monitoring of payment transaction provides more data security than a traditional payment method.

Increased access to care

Digital payment solution makes it easier for patients to access healthcare service and allows them to choose a payment method of their preference.

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