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Product & Services

Build better payment experiences

Drive revenue growth & maximize business opportunities

Key Features

Diverse payment methods

Accept various types of payment methods such as card, net banking, UPI, and wallets

Built to scale

Use our cloud-based solution stack to scale your business easily

Simple & easy integration

A simple and clean interface enables faster integrations

Compliance made simple

We take care of payment compliance and regulatory needs so you can focus on your business

Support omni-channels acceptance

Accept payment from your customer anywhere, anytime

Rich, insightful dashboard

Use our intuitively designed dashboard to gain insights into your business performance

Real-time reporting

Access all of your payment reports in a single location in real time

Best-in-class risk management solution

Key Features

Real-time fraud checks

Use our pre-built fraud tools such as velocity and volume checks to manage the risky transaction

Smart authentication

Use our cloud-based solution stack to scale your business easily

Reduce transaction laundering

Our web crawler technology ensures that your payment transactions are generated from authentic sources

AI/ML-based models

Use advanced technology to detect more fraud by adapting to fast-changing fraud landscape

Delight customers with our payment innovations

Key Features

Payment tokenisation

Use payment tokens to secure payment transactions and deliver great customer experience

Split payments

Split payment to enable better conversions and customer stickiness

Payment analytics

Engage with our payment specialists to uncover customer and business insights with our analytics tools

Frictionless onboarding

Leverage our innovative services to accelerate your onboarding and
go-to-market strategy

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