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Supply Chain Payments

Streamline your Account Payable process with automation and digital workflows


  • Payment Errors – Department siloes and lack of free information flow leads to invoice payment issues
  • Slow Processing – Paper-based invoices and manual approval processes slows down the process
  • Matching Issues – Discrepancies between POs, invoices and bank reports often require a lengthy and slow manual investigation

Our Solutions

Payments are the lifeblood of supply chains. Our payment solution is offered through Aurobees supply chain management platform to make money move efficiently across the supply chain.

  • Invoice-to-pay process with seamless information flow reduces risk in payment process
  • Our integrated supply chain platform makes invoice payment process simpler, faster and cheaper
  • Automated matching solution connects invoice payments to POs, SOs, and receipts reducing approval times and increasing productivity


Efficient, accurate, and timely invoice processing

Process all purchasing-related invoices in a single, touchless stream of digital approvals

Reduced costs

Reduce labor costs by decreasing the amount of data entry involved and eliminate the document storage, postage and invoice production costs

Built-in compliance

Compliance is built into our platform. This makes payment process fully transparent, so that common risks and instances of fraud can be tracked and prevented.

Multi-currency support

Process, pay, and document invoices from vendors around the world effortlessly

Rich reporting

Our solution uses your data to help you spot bottlenecks where you can drive improvements and always know where you’re at with your cash flow

Integration with financial systems

Seamless integration with accounting and ERP systems – Quickbooks, Xero, SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and more

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