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AuroPayBiz Hong Kong

A digital solution streamlining payments for businesses


Aurionpro Payment Solutions (APSL) Pte Ltd is a Hong Kong based fintech company focused on providing B2B payments solutions. APSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. (ASL).

Our Product, AuroPayBiz is a cloud-based payment platform that enables the payment of invoices using commercial credit/debit cards. The Buyers hold corporate credit/debit cards in the physical or virtual form issued by local banks (Card Issuers) on payment networks, such as VISA/Mastercard). The Buyers range from Large/Medium corporate entities, and the Suppliers are business entities in Hong Kong from whom these Buyers purchase goods and services. Aurionpro Payments Singapore has partnered with global Acquirers (such as Stripe, Worldpay from FIS) and regional Issuers (such as DBS Bank Singapore) in its initial MVP launch and continues to expand the network further.


AuroPayBiz – the streamlined business payment solution

Financial Supply Chain

Improve working capital management, automate your invoice management processes and supplier collaborations

Explore AuroPayBiz & Aurobees partnership for invoice management and working capital management. With an integrated physical and financial supply chain management solution, you can achieve visibility throughout the source-to-pay process, improve supplier relationships, and realize fast ROI.

  •  Free up working capital to fund your growth initiatives
  • Automate invoice capture and approval for greater efficiency and compliance
  • Gain more control over payables, cash, and Days Payable Outstanding

Why AuroPayBiz?

Future-proof your account payables today

AP automation using AuroPayBiz allows businesses to process invoices more rapidly, ensuring on-time payments and helping prevent late payment fees. You’ll have a better chance of collecting early payment discounts, while maintaining stronger relationships with suppliers.

Key Benefits

Deeper Relationships

Higher quality payables services can help implore buyer-supplier relationships. For example, streamlining the processing of electronic invoices for approval and then payments, will reduce the number of phone calls into Accounts Payable regarding payment status.

Electronic Payments

Create a frictionless experience for your business partners. With no cost to join and receive payments, this business network makes it easy for anyone to pay or get paid electronically. 

Customer Experience

 Bring the latest in UX design, machine learning, and ongoing updates in functionality to your payables process. 

Easy Integration

With a long history of integrating with banks, we have standardized and streamlined the implementation process, enabling rapid time-to-market with your existing banking partners.

Regulatory Compliance

We are PCI-DSS certified and maintain a culture of compliance by focusing daily on best practices related to regulatory compliance.

Sales & Marketing Enablement

We have a complete toolkit of marketing messaging and sales tools to ensure payable automation success. Based on our experience selling across multiple channels, our insights focus on driving maximum customer awareness and optimal product adoption among your suppliers. 

Key Partners

At AuroPayBiz, we believe in strategic partnering for better problem-solving. Our partner strategy supports openness, transparency, and collaboration between our systems, our team, our customers, and our (or the customer’s) existing partners. We’ve embraced the industry shift to the ecosystem, multivendor strategic approach (or as we call it, coexisting) to ensure customers utilise “best-of-breed” solutions to deliver and build around their business goals.

Are you eager to start your payments journey?