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Innovative payment solutions for modern manufacturing 4.0 companies


Manufacturing 4.0 is characterized by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart manufacturing, and intelligent automation. However, the payment system continues to grapple with serious inefficiencies and significantly needs to keep pace with digitization.

  • Payment predictability- Manufacturers receive late payments thereby creating a detrimental impact on their cash flow
  • Slow processing- Delayed approval of invoices and payments leading to difficulty in capturing early payment discounts
  • Payment data management- Managing updated vendor details or handling missing vendors on payment requests
  • Industry changes- Emerging trends and shifting preferences are causing B2B buyers to look for greater convenience & optimal margins

Our Solutions

  • Digitalization services- Use our tools, including digital KYB services, to onboard suppliers seamlessly, make payments electronically and manage payment data digitally
  • Customized processes- Utilize our workflow management, ERP integrations, and a suite of APIs to custom-build your payment experience to fit your payment needs
  • Compliance & security- From PCI compliance to fraud monitoring, we handle the complexity of payment processing so you can focus on what you do best. Our tokenization services further protect your customers’ data
  • Integrated supply chain- With our end-to-end solution through Aurobees supply chain integration, you can stay ahead of Manufacturing 4.0 industry trends


Efficient, accurate, and timely invoice processing

Process all purchasing-related invoices in a single, contactless stream of digital approvals

Reduced costs

Reduce labour costs by reducing the amount of data entry involved and eliminate document storage, postage, and invoice production costs

Built-in compliance

Compliance is built into our platform. This makes the payment process fully transparent, so that common risks and instances of fraud can be tracked and prevented

Multi-currency support

Process, pay, and document invoices from vendors around the world effortlessly

Rich reporting

Our solution uses your data to help you spot bottlenecks where you can drive improvements and always know where you’re at with your cash flow

Integration with financial systems

Seamless integration with accounting and ERP systems – Quickbooks, Xero, SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and more

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